E-Governance Implementation Fund

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What are the main objectives of and key drivers for implementing e-Government projects? Can investment and financing decisions help organisations in seeking these objectives?b)

What are the main challenges, complexities, and constraints that make e-Government projects risky and prone to high levels of failure?c)

Given the high risk–high return character of these projects, can a better approach to investment and financing decisions make a significant impact on the management of these complex and high risk projects?

Table 1. Challenges in managing e-Government projects.

ICT asset managementOrganisation managementProcess management
Technical risksStrategic leadershipProcurement management
Asset ownership and managementChange managementEconomic evaluation
Operations and maintenanceTechnical project management and overall governanceRisk management
Figure 1

Figure 1. Alternative financing strategies and their impact on project components.

What is the purpose of RSTCA?

  • Institutionalization of a facility / mechanism that would provide full funding support for mission-critical government ICT projects;
  • Ensure successful completion of high-impact ICT projects that would jumpstart the development and implementation of e-Government throughout the country; and
  • Facilitation of professional evaluation, selection and monitoring practices for ICT projects that would result in more effective and/or efficient cross-agency interfaces

Security drawbacks

There are several security drawbacks of an E-Governance mechanism.

  1. Spoofing: In this practice, the attacker attempts to gain the access of the E-Governance system by using fallacious identity either by stealth or by using false IP address. Once the access is gained, the assailant abuses the E-Governance system by elevation of the privileges.
  2. Tampering of E-Governance system: As soon as the system is compromised and privileges are raised, the classified information of the E-Governance mechanism becomes very much susceptible to illegal adjustments.
  3. Repudiation: Even the attacker can mount refutation attack during the E-Governance transaction, which is the ability of the user to reject its performed transaction.
  4. Disclosure of E-Governance Information: In case of the compromised E-Governance system, the undesirable information disclosure can take place very easily.
  5. Denial of Service: In this technique, attacker can perform Denial of Service (DoS) attack by flooding the E-Governance server with request to consume all of its resources so as to crash down the mechanism.
  6. Elevation of privilege: Once an E-Governance system is compromised; the attacker pretending to be a low profile user attempts to escalate to the high profiles so as to access its privileges to initiate further damage to the system.
  7. Cyber Crimes: Advancement of science and technology increase the rate of the cybercrime. It is a threat to the transactions accomplished between the Government and its Citizenry within the E-Governance methodology.

Requirements for implementing successful e-governance across the nation are

  1. e-Governance framework across the nation with enough bandwidth to service a population of one billion.
  2. Connectivity framework for making the services to reach rural areas of the country or development of alternative means of services such as e-governance kiosks in regional languages.
  3. National Citizen Database which is the primary unit of data for all governance vertical and horizontal applications across the state and central governments.
  4. E-governance and interoperability standards for the exchange of secure information with non-repudiation, across the state and central government departments seamlessly.
  5. A secure delivery framework by means of virtual private network connecting across the state and central government departments.
  6. Datacenters in centre and states to handle the departmental workflow automation, collaboration, interaction, exchange of information with authentication.

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