Health & Safety Fund

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Health Promotion

Promoting and improving the general health and wellness of community– on and off the job – is the primary focus of the Health Promotion Division. This is accomplished through a wide variety of services, programs and initiatives that support the work and goals of RSTCA health & welfare funds, training centers, district councils and local unions.

The Division:

  • Develops training and informational campaigns on smoking cessation, skin cancer prevention, substance abuse, nutrition & fitness and other health and life-style issues that affect Laborers and their families 
  • Coordinates routine health screenings for Laborers and their family members at health fairs and other events sponsored by RSTCA affiliates and signatory contractors
  • Monitors the progress of health care reform in the United States, particularly as it relates to RSTCA health & welfare funds
  • Researches, develops and promotes health care cost initiatives
  • Provides technical support – benefit analysis, merger studies, wellness newsletter publication – to RSTCA health & welfare funds
  • Conducts training sessions in conjunction with the at the request of RSTCA training centers, district councils and local unions, and at the RSTCA Tri-Funds and Medical Conferences  
  • Provides drug-free workplace program support to signatory employers.  
  • Assists implementation of Member Assistance Programs  
  • Facilitates Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) for signatory employers and RSTCA members to help cope with the psychological trauma of worksite catastrophes

We help on health and safety along with mental health.

Our main project are as follows:

  1. Free Medicine and Equipment
  2. Connecting to Medical Factories for subsidy production
  3. Campaign and Awareness Program
  4. Advocacy and Training
  5. Various Health Related Programs

The fairs also provide the latest information about:

  • injury and illness prevention
  • health care costs
  • cardiovascular, heart and musculoskeletal disease
  • cancer prevention and treatment
  • smoking and substance abuse
  • other issues that affect Laborers on the job and at home

to apply for funding kindly send us mail at

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