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We are involved in social projects since 2014;, helping youth, women, elderly, employment creation and entrepreneurship development.

We have following ongoing projects:

  1. Employment Creation Project: – We have helped more than 2000 youth to secure job on Corporate and Business organization. If you wish to get employment on Good Organizations send us your biodata to us at DONATE
  2. Youth Training and Development: – We have helped more than 10,000 youth on training and development, helping job secure training, personality development training, skills generation training and others. DONATE
  3. Women Empowerment:– We have helped more than 10,000 youths to gain confidence, hear success story, connect with successful women and hence create lots of opportunities for growth and personal development. DONATE
  4. Entrepreneurship Development:– We have helped more than 5,000 entrepreneurs to gain knowledge, share success stories, transfer of skills, product development, starting business, registering business and incubation program. DONATE
  5. Business Blog: – We have created Business Blog to hear success stories of influential and hard working person in every society. We have more than 1,000 stories of various successful and talented person. DONATE
  6. International Journal of Entrepreneurship-– With team of more than 1000 Professors, PhD, Scholar, Researcher and Scientist we have started a research lab for economics and entrepreneurship. We have conducted various program and opportunities with partnership with NFED. DONATE
  7. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Promotion amongst Marginalised Communities- Helping marginalized group with water, sanitation program, toilet making, training for health and hygiene program. DONATE
  8. Rehabilitation Support for the Construction of Earthquake Resilient Houses to the Earthquake Affected People on Sindhupalchowk, Dolakha, Gorkha and Kathmandu District DONATE
  9. Right-Based Education to Empower Dalit & Marginalized Adolescent Girls and Children in Nepal- helping girls for their education till 10+2. Supporting annual education, clothes, stationery, food and allowance. DONATE
  10. Community Development program (CDP)- helping job creation, entrepreneurship development, market promotion of local product and education program .DONATE
  11. Food for Hungry- helping on food crisis situation and pandemic situation with food, cloth and shelter support for various marginalized and victimized group DONATE
  12. Free Medicine Distribution, Health Checkup Camp, Donation of Beds, Machinery and equipment’s to Hospital and Health Post DONATE
  13. Community Based Entrepreneurship Development Program via incubation program, trading support, manufacturing unit setup and various skills based training program DONATE
  14. Food, climate and natural resources- helping agriculture promotion, training, seeds distribution, fertilizer distribution, irrigation project DONATE
  15. Climate Change awareness, Wildlife and Natural Resources protection and promotion DONATE
  16. Evacuation Plan for City Area, Hotels, Malls, Buildings, Apartments and Housing Society DONATE
  17. Domestic Violence- Helping women with 24/7 support program and hotline for security and fighting against women’s right DONATE
  18. Shelter and Education Program for Street Children, Orphan and Disabled Children DONATE
  19. Child Abuse, Gender Abuse, Elderly Abuse, Drug Abuse, Alcohol Abuse and Physical Abuse prevention, awareness and support program. DONATE
  20. Construction of Hospital , School, Elderly Home, Orphanage Home, Disabled Home and Free Food Destruction Center DONATE

to donate to your favorite cause please kindly mail us at

Ongoing Cause

  1. Free Medicine and Hospital equipment’s Donation and Distribution
  2. Free PPE to Police and Free health Check up to Traffic Police
  3. Food Relief to Orphanage/ Elderly Home/ Rescue Center/ Refugee Camp
  4. Tree Plantation Program on Urban Area and Landslide Prone Area
  5. COVID Food Relief Program
  6. Financial Literacy Program to Marginalized Group
  7. Employment Opportunity for Disabled
  8. Emergency Fund for Health Issues
  9. Employment Creation Training/ Skills Development Program and Job Search from
  10. Entrepreneurship Development Training and Incubation Program

to support your favorite cause join our membership program at or Donate to your favorite cause at

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