Old Age Home Fund

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Our objective is to make shelter home for poor, handicapped, women on conflict, elderly, children and refugee.

Our Project Include:

  1. Orphans Home
  2. Elderly Home
  3. Disabled Home
  4. Women in Conflict Home
  5. Armed Conflict Victim Home
  6. Refugees Home
  7. Retirement Home
  8. Travelers Home

Old Age Home

Who we Enroll

Criteria of entrance/description and procedures to have been submitted for getting the shelter in the Elderly’s Home are:

  • – The Nepalese citizenship certificate of completion of the age of 65 years
  • – A clear recommendation letter from the concerned Village Development Committee or Municipality, stating that the person is orphan, helpless, poor and he has on body to take care of.
  • – The concerned person should submit an application to the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare requesting for permission to live in Elderly’s Home.
  • – After application is approved, admission shall be made if there is vacancy.

– The services and facilities provided by this Elderly’s Home is:

  1. – Maintenance and housing provision
  2. – Health care and sanitation provision
  3. – Clothing provision twice a year
  4. – Celebration of traditional festivals
  5. – Pilgrimage provision from time to time
  6. – Provision of singing the songs of pray and other religious programmes in every morning and evening
  7. – Provision of funeral rites after death and death anniversary social tradition

If any organization or a person intends to assist this center in case of cash, it can be put into the saving account of Elderly’s Home Welfare fund in our Bank at Nepal.

If somebody intends to provide voluntarily in kinds or any other commodities for the old people, the donor may provide by contacting the office chief. If any organization or a person intends to provide any kind of service (for example taking care of medicine and health check up, religious discourse etc.) he can provide by getting permission from the office chief.

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