About RSTCA Foundation

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R.S.T.C.A. Foundation is a registered NGO with the Government of Nepal, OCR (2745733/077/078) and SWC (51700) . All the donations are tax deductible.

Started as Development Trail Nepal at 2014, it has been working on Youth Empowerment, Education and Literacy Program, Women Empowerment, Employment Creation, Entrepreneurship Training and many programs.

Registered on 2014 as Full license Non Government Organization named as Development Trail Nepal with District Development Committee 176/071/072 and on 2019 as R.S.T.C.A. Foundation on Social Welfare Council as Registered Charity with registration number 51700 and Company Registrar Office Nepal as Non Profit Company with Registration number 2745733/077/078 and Inland Revenue Department as Tax number 609834457 this foundation is helping many people globally to fight against poverty, education problem, health problem, capacity building, training & development, wildlife protection, youth empowerment and creating shelter and food for all. “All Donation are Tax deductible”

Registered as Non Profit Distributing Company with Company Registration Office Nepal
Registered as Non Profit Distributing Company with Inland Revenue Department of Nepal
Registered as National Level Social Organization with Full License to run any activities from Social Welfare Council, Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizens 

Partnering with other various NGO and INGO globally to impact change in life of many person globally.

How it Started

  1. Registered at 2014 at CDO, DDA and SWC as Development Trail Nepal, a charity there were 7 members who started the dream to make change in life of society and global.
  2. Registered on 2015, as a Management Consulting, Entrepreneurs Club and Training and Skills Development Center, RSTCA has helped more than 10,000 person to directly gain skills and development and helped to get more than 5000 person employment opportunity. It has also consulted more than 10,000 business and helped them grow their business.

Organization Profile


  1. To remove poverty and create opportunity for humanity.


  1. To create for income generation opportunities for humanity and to support Global crisis.


-To empower entrepreneurs, to transfer skills to younger generation and to support humanity


  1. Poverty Reduction
  2. Entrepreneurship Development
  3. Women Empowerment
  4. Healthcare and Safety instructions
  5. Culture and Tradition Preservation
  6. Shelter Creation
  7. Environmental Protection and Wildlife Conservation
  8. Crisis Prevention and Support
  9. Employment Creation

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