Menstrual Hygiene Program

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Menstrual Hygiene Program

Dear all,

Recently the nation was stunned & embarrassed by the news of Death of a young girl who was bit by a snake in a
Chhaupadi hut.

Chhaupadi is an evil social practice where a girl in her menstrual period is asked to stay outside home and in a roadside hut, why, you ask? Because she is termed impure.

A human being termed impure just because of a natural process in the 21st century.

To create awareness among the rural population about menstrual hygiene and related evils, we are planning another campaign in Doti, Shekhar Nagarpalika.

Under the banners of Rstca Foundation & Gandhi International Mission, Dr. Ankita Agrawal, who is also known as the Padman of Nepal will be leading this campaign. She has recently completed successful campaigns in Sindhu pal chowk & Chitwan.

With this, We request everyone to help & support this program with Finance & Hygiene Goods. This campaign will require a sum of 1 lakh Rupees. Your support will be key to the success of this project.

Please call us at 9803886880 or 9840200230 for more details.

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